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Warm roofs

Innovative solid lightweight roof solutions

IDSystems is proud to manufacture, supply and install the most advanced lightweight roof system on the market.

Uniquely designed from glass-reinforced plastic, the Leka roof system provides an advanced engineering solution for a new build extension or as a replacement roof. The tiled, thermally insulated solid roof provides a year round alternative, allowing customers to maximise space, and because it does not require timber or aluminium beams it weighs less than a glass roof and does not require a builder or structural engineer.

Advanced engineering

The existing glass and roof structure is removed and replaced with GRP rafters that are added to your existing conservatory frame. Under this highly engineered Leka sheets are attached, providing a perfect combination of waterproofing and insulation.

Between the rafters insulated Celotex sheets are included to provide a high value of thermal efficiency with load-bearing insulated outer sheets are added. The roof is then finished with a Tapco or Metrotile roof surface, and can be configured to include roof windows, with a skin plaster applied to the inner surface of the roof to create a sleek and desirable finish.


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