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New low-threshold track for bifold doors provides additional option

Choosing between a flush track, seamlessly connecting the interior and exterior of your home; and a weathered track, providing the ultimate protection from the wind and rain for bifold doors has always been a consideration for our customers purchasing the SUNFLEX SF55/55c systems - but now there is a third option.

For the award-winning SUNFLEX SF55 aluminium bifold door system the three choices of track provide the perfect solution for any requirement and location, with customers being able to choose from a high-performance weathered track for ultimate protection from the elements; a flush track recessed into the floor for a seamless link between inside and out and a low threshold track that sits perfectly between the two previous option providing a compromise between aesthetic appearance and weather proofing.

weathered-track-CAD.jpgWeathered track

In any exposed location we would always recommend the use of a weathered track. When used with an outward opening door a weathered track can be fully recessed below your internal floor level meaning that there is no threshold to trip over, just a 35mm step down to the outside. An external deck or paving can be brought up to the track on the outside whilst maintaining a weather tight seal.

flush-track-CAD.jpgFlush track

The flush track option is completely recessed into the floor, providing an uninterrupted floor finish. Between the door and the flush track are double, twin nylon brush piles incorporating a fin seal, which close the gap effectively. It is recommended that some form of drainage and a slope away from the doors are integrated.


low-track-CAD.jpgLow threshold track

Sitting between the two above options the low threshold track can be recessed into the floor with matching inside and outside floor levels and just a small 14mm upstand on the track. The upstand allows the doors to form a seal, creating a weather performance superior to flush track whilst still maintaining DDA and Building Regulations Document M compliance for access.

Download track options (ZIP file 2.07MB)

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