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Knowing which supplier to choose when you are sourcing glazing for any project can be a challenge, but when it comes to large scale, specialist products such as bifold doors and sliding doors this is especially important.

So why should you trust IDSystems?
Quite simply, the quality of any finished projects comes down to three things - the design of the system, the quality of the manufacture and the experience and abilities of the installers.

Put quite simply, compromise any one of those three elements and there is every likelihood that the overall finished project could be impacted.

At IDSystems we believe that the only way to ensure the systems we install are the most suitable for a project and made to the highest possible standards is to have complete control over the process.

Manufacturers and importers
For bifold doors we only use SUNFLEX products. Each system is manufactured at their state-of-the-art factory east of Cologne in Germany. With more than thirty years of designing and manufacturing folding doors we simply do not believe that there is anyone in Europe more experienced or knowledgable about making bifold doors than SUNFLEX. Each system is fabricated in Germany and driven by road to our factory in Norfolk, we don't use freight companies so we can guarantee that the product is in exactly the same condition when it arrives with us as when it left the production line in Germany.

For our sliding doors, windows, front doors, glass roofs and balustrades the manufacturing takes place at our dedicated production facility just outside Norwich, because it is the only way that we can guarantee the highest quality control standards. Each of our technicians is a specialist aluminium fabricator and every product that leaves our factory is made with the attention to detail that you would expect of a family owned business.

Installation is key
You can take the best product, manufactured to the highest standards, but fitted poorly it won't work as it should...if at all. Unlike a lot of our competitors we don't use third party fitters, each of our installation engineers is employed directly by IDSystems and has extensive experience in fitting our entire product range. Our fitting teams don't install doors and windows for anyone else and nobody else installs doors and windows for us.

As a company that has installed bifold and sliding doors for nearly twenty years we have experienced almost everything there is to experience when it comes to fitting specialist glazing products and this knowledge, along with the support of our own dedicated in-house technical team, means our installers are a safe pair of hands for your project.

Our installation teams cover the entire country, from the Highlands and Islands of Scotland to the Cornwall, Devon and even Channel Islands, covering more than half a million miles each year from our base in Norfolk to support our customers - where ever they are building.

Our installers aren't just great at fitting our products, they are also trained on how to demonstrate the systems to customers. Knowing how to maintain and operate the doors properly is key to making sure they are kept in the best possible condition and work properly time after time, year after year.

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