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Eye-catching two storey extension

Products: theEDGE2.0 sliding doors, fixed frame windows and rooflight

Adding a two storey extension, designed by Foster Lomas Architects, has completely transformed the lower two floors of this South London town-house, replacing two previous lean-to additions with an ultra-stylish zinc clad extension featuring a set of theEDGE2.0 sliding doors and full heigh fixed frame windows.

Whilst small in regards to the increase in footprint, the extension of this narrow five-storey terraced property in Camberwell has generated a considerable change to the feel of the home.

At lower-ground floor level the slim 20mm sightlines of the three-panel set of theEDGE2.0 has proved perfect for flooding the extended kitchen full of light, whilst at ground floor level the sightlines of the sliding doors below have been continued into a three-panel fixed frame window - creating uniformity of design.

Behind the fixed frame windows sits a void topped with a flat rooflight that pulls light down through the structure of the extension throughout the day, creating pockets of daylight even at the lower-ground level.

The cladding of the two-storey 'box' in zinc contrasts the brick facade of the main structure of the house, creating the perfect combination of traditional and sleek modernity.

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