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Glass balustrades

IDSystems provide the perfect glass balustrade solution without interrupting that all important view, adding elegance and functionality to define boundaries and ensure safety.

Special features

  • Seamless panoramic glass with no posts.
  • Surface mounted or recessed bottom rail.
  • Polished safety glass.
  • Supplied with or without handrail.
  • Straight runs, corners or faceted curve designs.
  • Clear or obscure glass even bespoke glass designs.
  • Suitable for commercial or residential applications.

Versatility in design

The flexibility of this system allows for a multitude of uses for both new build and refurbishments in domestic and commercial applications. This flexibility allows for surface or face fixing to concrete or steel with a surface mounted or recessed base detail.




The IDSystems glass balustrade offers a seamless design solution, negating the need for posts or brackets. The glass balustrade has no discernible visual joints, continuing our philosophy of bringing the outside in achieving the most dynamic and contemporary glazing solution for residential or commercial situations.


The IDSystems glass balustrade is bespoke, made to suit your project, from a single run to complete balcony surrounds with corners being made to any angle. We are also able to offer faceted designs allowing the balustrade to follow the line of a curve for an elegant panoramic view.

As well as our range of seamless glass balustrades we are also able to offer post, wire and glass clamp systems.


Our products are suitable for both internal and external applications. Whether you are planning a balcony, internal gallery, external swimming pool enclosure or terrace the applications are limitless and IDSystems have a product to suit.


The solid aluminium floor shoe is suitable for fixing into a solid concrete or steel structure. And can either be surface mounted, or for an even more seamless design can be recessed flush into the floor giving the appearance of the glass rising up from the floor.


The glass is supported by a solid aluminium channel which can be surface or face fixed. The glass is held in place via a mechanical wedge system providing strength and safety. Our standard fixing details are available in PDF and AutoCAD format.

Finishing details

If required a stainless steel handrail can be fitted to the top of the glass, to complement other details within a building or to visually and creatively define boundaries within a structure.


Our systems are supplied with clear toughened glass or clear toughened and laminated glass. Available in various thicknesses including 12mm, 13.52mm, 15mm, 17.52mm, 19mm, 21.52mm or 25.52mm with polished edges and dubbed corners to comply with safety regulations. We are able to offer a wide range of glass options from obscured glass to tinted glass. 

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