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Flat rooflights

Elegant frameless flat rooflights - made to order to your exact requirements

Our stunning frameless flat rooflights offer a perfect solution for creating light-filled spaces, whether used as part of a new-build, extension or renovation.

The rooflights provide the perfect combination of visual appeal and performance, with the frameless system maximising the amount of light that reaches the room below. Each rooflight is hand made by our skilled teams to meet your exact requirements.

Our systems exceed Building Regulations for energy efficiency and are independently tested to severe weather rating performance, giving you complete peace of mind - whatever the weather.


The skyline can be installed on a flat roof with a minimum pitch of between 5o to 15o. Any slope less than this will need to be tilted and packed to the minimum pitch. This angle prevents water gathering on the glass surface.


Weather seals and construction

Our flat rooflights are constructed from a highly insulated frame complete with internal insulation, an aluminium sash and insulated glass. The insulated glass is sealed to the sash with a UV resistant silicone.


Installation process

The frame on the outer surface is fixed into position with mounting brackets. The roofing material/membrane can then be dressed up and over this up-stand or kerb by others, creating the weatherproofing. The internal frame is white painted, enabling internal plasterboard to be run straight up.


Glazing and insulation

Depending on specification and size our flat rooflight can accommodate from a 20mm up to a 44mmmm double glazed sealed unit. As standard the system is available in toughened glass with neutral anti-sun and an easy clean coating, with the highly insulated up-stand or kerb providing an overall U-value of 1.6W/m2K in addition to an impressive sound reduction of 34dB.


Toughened glass

Toughened glass has been heat tempered to increasing its strength over ordinary annealed glass by up to five times.

Other than the strength the advantage of toughened glass is that in the highly unlikely event that it would shatter into non-sharp pieces. It is also available with the widest variety of coatings and can be supplied in larger sheets than equivalent thickness laminated glass.


Complete system

IDSystems roof systems have been specially designed to complement our folding doors and sliding door systems.



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