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Lightweight LEKA GRP roofs

Innovative lightweight solid roof for extensions, renovations and replacements

IDSystems is proud to manufacture, supply and install the most advanced lightweight glass reinforced plastic (GRP) roof system on the market.

Uniquely designed from glass-reinforced plastic, the LEKA roof system provides an advanced engineering solution for a new build extension, orangeries or as a replacement roof. The significant reduction in weight compared to a traditional roof dramatically alters the structural requirements of the aspects of the build below the roof, allowing for more innovative glazing solutions to be designed.

Advanced engineered pitched roofs

GRP rafters provide the structure for the roof with highly engineered Leka sheets are attached, providing a perfect combination of waterproofing and insulation.

Between the rafters insulated Celotex sheets are included to provide a high value of thermal efficiency with load-bearing insulated outer sheets are added. The roof is then finished with a Tapco or Metrotile roof surface, and can be configured to include roof windows, with a skin plaster applied to the inner surface of the roof to create a sleek and desirable finish

The flexibility of the pitched roof system allows a huge variety of configuration of roof styles. From straight forward pitched roofs over a gable end, to Edwardian, Lean-To and Victorian styles (or a combination of two styles). It is also possible to integrate a roof window into the lightweight structure.

Once the structure of the roof is complete, the interior surface of the roof can be plastered and finished in a normal fashion, with the finished roof offering advanced thermal performance and an overall U-value as low as just 0.15W/m²K.

Industry leading orangery roofs

For the orangery style roof GRP is interwoven with carbon fibre to provide additional strength and this technology in both pitched and flat roofs allows for huge openings of up to six metres to be created underneath, perfect for pairing an extension roof with a large set of bifold or sliding doors.

The inherent nature of GRP means that the rafters are not at risk of sweating/condensation or of cold bridging unlike aluminium roof structures, nor are they open to moisture absorption like timber.

The flat roof has been specifically designed to support the weight of a glass lantern, perfect for creating the light filled spaces desired from contemporary builds, extensions and renovations.

In addition to being technically advanced in their construction, the design of the roof systems has been specifically tailored to allow for straight forward installation and the requirements for structure underneath the doors are also significantly reduced. These steps considerably reduce the time required to install the doors, reducing the cost to the home-owner and speeding the project time up.

The design and materials of the roof also have one final benefit, they come with an unprecedented 40 year warranty on parts – providing long term reassurance for homeowners.


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