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Slide & turn doors

An innovative concept, slide and turn doors offer an alternative to traditional folding or sliding door systems. Whilst the detail and performance of each system varies, they all follow the same design principle where the lead door at one end of the system is opened like a traditional door, with each subsequent panel sliding along a single track and then turning to stack alongside the lead door.

Slide & turn doors can be either:

Thermally broken

The vistaline slide and turn doors are thermally broken and as such achieve the standards of thermal performance required by Building Regulations for domestic properties in the UK and are therefore able to be used as external doors in the same way bifold doors and sliding doors are.

Non-thermally broken

The SUNFLEX range of slide and turn doors offers a non-thermally broken solution, available with or without a frame. These systems are often utilised to divide open plan living spaces or to surround patios to create garden rooms.

For more information about our market leading range of slide and turn doors contact us on 01603 408804 or email us at or request a quote by clicking the link below.

SUNFLEX Slide & Turn Doors

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