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Top running double glazed slide & turn doors

The evolution of the glass slide, turn and stack system (moveable glass walls) has resulted in the development of the SUNFLEX SF35 which enables a slimline aluminium frame to accommodate a sealed double glazed unit. Interlocking panels, provide a moderate weather protection, noise reduction by up to 32dB and increased energy saving.

Not only does the SF35 sliding turn system offer all the same applications as the SF25 and SF30. The SF35 provides an ideal solution for the division between house and a glazed extension which is compliant with Building Regulations.

Key features

  • Slimline aluminium framed interlocking panels provide a moderate weather performance.
  • Noise reduction and increased energy-saving.
  • Integrated shootbolts with key locking facility to lead door.
  • Flush track as standard or internal drainage channel track to remove any condensation option.
  • Low maintenance and fully guaranteed.

Versatility in design

The first opening panel acts as a single access point, each individual panel then slides independently back across to the same side to stack. This allows you to have as much or as little of the glass wall open at any one time.

The system can open to the inside or outside and stack to the left or the right or split to stack on both sides.

The single in-line running track caters for a wide range of applications. This allows the glass panels to slide from 90o to any angle change up to 180o, including segmented curved radius openings.




Standard aluminium finishes

As standard we offer the choice of any RAL colour in a semi-gloss finish, DB703 textured, DB703 smooth or silver anodised. Once we have prepared a quotation we are able to send colour samples for approval prior to progressing with your order. 

Special RAL colours

Over our standard range we are also able to offer the full RAL classic colour range. The range consists of over 200 colours which come in a matt, semi-gloss or full-gloss finish. The colours shown in the swatch will give an indication to the colour shade, however before progressing with an order we can provide aluminium samples for your approval.

RAL colours for the SF35 sliding turn system by IDSystems



RAL swatches for the SF35 sliding turn system by IDSystems

RAL swatches

RAL classic colour swatches can be purchased directly from us for £10.99 (including postage).

The full colour swatch is a great tool to allow you to choose the colour of your doors and windows to complement your internal decoration, external render, brickwork or other features within your project.

To order a RAL swatch you can make a card payment over the phone by calling us on 01603 408804. If you have narrowed down your choice we are able to send a colour sample for your approval when placing an order.

Glass options

As standard all of our products will be fitted with glazing that exceeds Building Regulations Document N and L which govern safety and thermal efficiency. Over our standard glass there are many options for you to choose from including:

  • Laminated glass: Improved security and UV reduction preventing furniture fading.
  • Tinted anti-sun glass: Reducing solar gain, available in blue, green, grey or bronze.
  • Neutral anti-sun glass: Neutral in colour with reflective properties to reduce solar gain.
  • Self-cleaning glass: Reduces the need to clean the glass, very useful in roofs.
  • Obscure glass: Our satin deco is a stylish solution for areas requiring privacy.
  • Low-iron glass: Improves the light transmittance through glass while providing some free energy. 




The SF35 sliding turn system is custom-manufactured to fit any size of opening. Panels can be manufactured to a width of up to 800mm and a maximum height of up to 2,600mm. Heights greater than this can be achieved, please contact our technical department for advice.


Slimline aluminium framed panels for greater panel rigidity.


The SF35 sliding turn system features as standard a two-point locking system with concealed top and bottom latching, operated internally by a turn knob, which secures the first panel to be opened. Carriers at the top and guides at the bottom corners secure the remaining panels, which enables them to slide to the side for stacking once the first panel has been opened.

For improved security top and bottom key locks can be added, or for further convenience and security a key-lockable mortice latch lock block can be fitted.

Weather stripping

Glass panels framed in slimline aluminium interlock together in addition to side jambs and top and bottom twin PVC brush piles separated by a twin fin seal, provide a moderate weather protection.

As standard an aluminium flush track that can be recessed into the floor provides a level walkthrough. Alternatively, a track that incorporates an internal drainage element, will transport any condensation or cleaning water to face drain outside. An external sill can be added if required.

Operating system

A top running system with an operating mechanism that consists of horizontal polyamide wheels with double-sealed ball bearings providing continued quiet, quick and easy, smooth operation and a long life.

An adjustable head section caters for discrepancies, allowing simple installation in openings that may not be level (up to 16mm).


As standard we offer the choice of any RAL colour in a semi-gloss finish, DB703 textured, DB703 smooth or silver anodised. Other RAL colours (over 200 RAL colours) are available for a nominal charge. In addition you can specify whether a matt, semi-gloss or full-gloss level paint finish is required.


Depending on specification, the standard 20mm unit comprises of 4mm clear toughened glass with soft-coat Low-E (low emissivity) to the inner pane x 12mm argon gas cavity x 4mm clear toughened glass.

All sealed units are BS kite marked, manufactured to BS EN 12600 and BS 5713:1979 standards.

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